In the entire world, the creation of a company is imperatively accompanied by the opening of a dedicated pro bank account that you can do on While this approach was once intended to be restrictive, thanks to the rise of today's dematerialized banking institutions and the neo-banks that are beginning to make a place for themselves in the market, it can now be done quite simply.

Choosing a professional online bank is now possible

Although the banking offer dedicated to entrepreneurs is still limited, those who are about to set up their business can indeed move towards opening a pro bank account online. It must be admitted that the steps involved in this operation are less restrictive. All the more so as online banks offer entrepreneurs offers that are as advantageous as those offered by traditional brands. This is also the reason why many entrepreneurs are now less indifferent to the digitalisation of the banking sector. Moreover, being able to manage their finances remotely using ergonomic and innovative tools is a real privilege for entrepreneurs.

How to open a pro bank account online?

In concrete terms, allowing oneself to be succumbed to the digitalisation and dematerialisation of the banking sector means giving oneself the chance to free oneself from some of the restrictive procedures that mark out the process of creating a company. There is no need to meet directly with a bank advisor or to bring in person all the required supporting documents, knowing that the opening of an account is entirely dematerialized. This saves significant time and money. To open an online bank account, the creator can go either to an online bank, a "mobile" bank or a neo-bank. In any case, the account can be opened in just a few minutes. It should also be noted that online banks want to be transparent, particularly in terms of pricing, in addition to the fact that they have a wide range of services at preferential prices. Opening a professional bank account can be done in a few steps: providing the bank with all the information about its activity via an online form; sending the supporting documents which is done directly online; making the first payment (transfer to the online bank account).

The supporting documents of activity necessary to open the pro account online

It should be noted that the proof of activity required by online banks varies according to the nature of the entrepreneur's activity. Firstly, as far as craftsmen are concerned, they will have to return to the bank a proof of registration in the trade register that is less than 3 months old. As for craftsmen and tradesmen who employ at least 10 employees, they must provide proof of registration in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) or send the bank a Kbis extract that is at least 3 months old. Entrepreneurs exercising a so-called liberal profession must prove to the bank that their activity has indeed been registered with INSEE and that the entrepreneur himself is registered with a professional order.