There are several options for starting a business. One can delegate all the formalities to a chartered accountant or a lawyer, or one can carry out the procedures oneself with the competent bodies. Thanks to the development of online services, it is now also possible to set up a business directly on the Internet. This last solution has many advantages: simplified and accelerated procedures, reduced costs, etc.

Creating a simplified online business

The advantage of setting up a business online remains first of all in its simplified approach. Indeed, online digital platforms are specially designed to lighten the procedure, which is often laborious with traditional systems like on The principle of creation is simple, it is enough to constitute its file by joining some necessary information via a form and the online services take care of the rest. Thus, online professionals accompany entrepreneurs through each key stage of the creation process, from drafting the articles of association, publishing the legal notice, to carrying out the registration formalities. It is not uncommon for some online professionals to also offer other solutions that may be of interest to business project owners, such as domiciliation, insurance, accounting, etc. At the same time, other services are also available.

A simplified approach to save time

Carry out the formalities in less than 10 minutes, and receive your Kbis extract within 48 hours is possible for the online business creation option. Indeed, thanks to the simplified approach on the Internet, you can also quickly carry out the formalities for setting up a company.  Online service providers have a high-performance tool that enables them to automate all the processes to complete the formalities.  In fact, to create an online business, all you need to do is complete the information and all the supporting documents that are essential for a one-day set-up. This is not the case if you take care of all the formalities yourself or if you delegate them to a professional. The services are also accessible 24 hours a day on the web.

A simplified approach for a reduced cost

The cost of creation through the virtual service is generally low compared to creation by a physical professional. The price difference is even very significant. This condition is unquestionably logical because by creating your business online, your steps will be made from a tool that allows you to achieve them easily and quickly. You will not thus benefit from in-depth support and advice unless you choose more advanced formulas which can be expensive. However, beware of services offered at a very low cost, as the need for accompaniment is essential for certain projects. In other words, the option of creating an online business is particularly recommended in the context of a company with simplified operations (SASU, EURL or micro-enterprise). While the accompaniment by a professional remains the good alternative for complicated projects (limited liability company, SAS, etc.).