Looking after your e-reputation is a vital necessity for any company in a context where the web has now become an extremely competitive environment. Therefore, to achieve this effectively, a few fundamental points must be taken into consideration. Here is a close-up on what needs to be done to take care of a company's e-reputation.

Carry out a watch on its digital reputation

If branding is of crucial importance in everyday life, there is no reason why it should be less so in the digital world. It must be recognized that brand reputation is a very important indicator of what a company must do to improve customer satisfaction. It should therefore be stressed that e-reputation or digital reputation is the perception that Internet users have of a company or a brand. In other words, it is a representation that each Internet user will build up according to the flow of information that he or she is confronted with on a daily basis on search engines and social networks. Before deciding on anything, each company needs to know beforehand whether it has a good or a bad reputation. To do so, one must carry out intelligence, the objective of which is to monitor what is said about its company and its products on the web. Of course, this monitoring allows you to check whether you are quoted, referenced or recommended. In addition, one must sift through every interaction and trace on the web, particularly in social networks, forums, sites dedicated to rating... The purpose of this type of analysis is to discover whether the company has a negative, positive or neutral tone.

Be proactive and take customer feedback into consideration

In an increasingly competitive environment, caring for one's e-reputation can very quickly become a real ordeal. But although this is the case, it can very well be achieved provided that a number of fundamental points are respected. Among them is proactivity, which is undoubtedly the keystone of a good digital reputation. Thus, in order to work on its e-reputation, a company must improve its presence on the web, welcome and suggest opinions . Positive or not, opinions are a powerful lever on which every company must rely to take care of its e-reputation. That being said, we must take the time to answer one after the other all the comments, appreciations, opinions... whether they are good or bad. Then, in the event that we are confronted with negative opinions, there is nothing to panic about. Negative feedback is essential in order to easily identify the various flaws that could compromise the value chain.

Working with influencers and working on your presence on social networks

In order to enhance your e-reputation, it can be interesting to collaborate with external influencers (bloggers, media, etc.) as well as internal ones (leaders and non-leaders). In this way, one can easily produce high value-added content about the brand. What's more, these influencers can be mobilized in case the company is facing a period of crisis. And knowing that being everywhere is almost impossible, it makes sense to improve one's presence on social media with a direct link to the target you want to reach. That said, the choice of social networks should never be made at random even if it means being present in a social network that is not powered. It is also important to note that managing your e-reputation on social media allows you to target Internet users. Each Internet user can interact on publications, share them and comment on them. You can even turn him into a real brand ambassador, and then reward him with an exceptional offer.