Dietary supplement consumption is currently at its peak. According to a study, nearly 40% of French people consume food supplements and in Belgium nearly 57% also use them (especially women). Apart from this, with "neo-diseases" (illnesses that traditional medicine cannot treat such as stress at work, back pain, etc.), many people also use alternative or natural medicine treatments. E-commerce on these types of products then achieves a very large turnover. It must be said that dietary supplements and alternative medicine provide many benefits to the user.

The e-commerce of food supplements, a market in full bloom

A study was conducted by consumer experts in health markets regarding the consumption of dietary supplements. It turns out that the French spend in the 1.5 billion euros each year for the purchase of food supplements. The majority of these consumers use them to prevent various diseases or to improve their health (lose weight). In addition, food supplements are classified as food so no authorisation is required to sell them on the internet or to buy them.

Alternative medicine is becoming fashionable

Alternative medicine is a curative method that does not use drugs or synthetic chemicals. There are a large number of alternative medicines. Some treat ailments of the whole body (osteopathy or chiropractic, for example) and others, some only partially or practice psychological treatments such as hypnosis. For the type of treatment, there are currently nearly 400 forms of alternative medicine. The choice of treatment is then made according to the disease and the type of cure that the patient prefers.

Advice on the use of dietary supplements and alternative medicine

Whether it is alternative medicine or dietary supplements, it is important to know that these types of treatments will never replace traditional medicine in the case of serious illness. Moreover, when buying a product on e-commerce sites, it is advisable to read the labels concerning its composition (some brands overdose the daily intake of their products). If the treatment does not respond to the disease, it is important to consult a doctor or health professional. The same applies if the type of treatment causes side effects.